SEO: Search Engine Optimization

D-Squared Media’s SEO efforts focus on how organic search is driving an increasing amount of quality traffic to your site and measures how it impacts your business. We don’t simply run basic ranking reports that show how your site ranks on a handful of terms. With personalized search now controlling every search result by default, nothing states that what you read in a report is the same as what people see in a search result.

In essence, ranking reports are easy to forge. However, moving your business in the right direction with organic search traffic cannot be faked. By focusing on delivering quality content that gets a clear message across to a specific audience, we let the relevance of the material and the authority of its host (i.e., you) bring the content to the attention of the searcher.

If the traffic coming into organic search is not delivering the ideal results, then we determine if the focus needs adjustment, or if our expectations need an adjustment. Either way, you can expect DSquared-Media to work with you to generate the best content in the best way to be seen in organic search results. Contact us today to learn more.